Career Guidance

Career guidance and counselling programs aim to help students make more informed and better educational and career choices. Among other things, programs offer information on Vocational higher Secondary school course offerings, career options, the type of academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace, and postsecondary opportunities that are associated with their field of interest.

Programs also often provide teachers, administrators, and parents with information they can use to support students' career exploration and postsecondary educational opportunities. Recognizing the importance of career guidance and counselling programs for student's postsecondary success, the Vocational Higher Secondary Education Department plays a key role in supporting State's efforts to build and implement the career guidance and counselling activities.


In spite of high unemployment rate, skilled labours are in high demand in the Kerala State but shortages in labours are likely to arise. Recent information among public state that skilled labours, such as Drivers, Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics, Technicians etc. are in scarcity to furnish in the society. So in order to avoid this scarcity of labours, VHSE has introduced the Mobile application-‘Find Labour’. The intention of this mobile application is to find skilled labours and provide the services and availability in time from the rural and urban areas through online. Students passed in Vocational Education and skilled labours in the proximity of VHSE schools can take advantage of this opportunity by registering their details in the website http://findlabour.in/register.php.


‘How are you’ is a novel project by the department of VHSE. It is an interactive telephone line for a good hope. Through ‘How are you’ Line students can report any issues including personal problems through Voice chat. ‘How are you’ line will be active only on Wednesdays from 04:30 to 06:30pm excluding holydays .It consist of students and parents sharing live line counselling by experts. The role of ‘How are you’ line is to help the students to deal with variety of concerns in their academic, personal and family through proper counselling. Expert counselling will stress on consciousness and prevention along with premature identification. The associates of ‘How are you’ line swear that communications send by the students and parents will be confidential.

VHSE CGCC Online Entrance Test

VHSE Career guidance and counselling cell in association with SIET conducting online entrance Test series for second year students. The Programme was inaugurated by Hon. Education Minister Prof. C. Raveendranath.