Board of Vocational Higher Secondary Examination

The Board of Vocational Higher Secondary Examination is constituted to advice and to take decisions on the conduct of various Public Examinations and publication of results. The Board consists of 18 Members in which the Director, Vocational Higher Secondary Education is designated as the Chairman of the Board. The Board conducts the following examinations in an academic year.

1. Second Year public Examination

2. Second Year Save-A-Year (SAY) Examination

3. First Year Public Examination

4. First Year Improvement Examination and

5. Various Module Examinations for Skill Evaluation

Schemes of Examination

Continuous Evaluation Grading revised Scheme

This scheme was introduced from 2008-2009 and is to end during the academic year 2015-16 for the regular students. Both the scores of first and second year are reckoned for the declaration of results. A registrant of the scheme will become Eligible for Higher Studies, if he/she secures the grade D+ for all subjects except Vocational Practical. For Vocational Practical the minimum grade is fixed as C.

Continuous Evaluation and Grading (Revised Cum Modular) Scheme

With the introduction of revised curriculum of Vocational Subjects, the new scheme Continuous Evaluation and Grading (Revised Cum Modular) Scheme is introduced from the academic year 2015-16 onwards. In the scheme, the syllabus is restructured into four modules and in each module a student has to go through Skill evaluation for which a maximum score of 100 is earmarked. Those who secure minimum of 50% of score became eligible for securing a skill certificate.

Additional Mathematics

The students who opt for IInd group courses are given the provision to register for mathematics as additional subject provided that they are registered with Kerala State Open School for awarding CE scores.

The Medium of Examination

The question papers are designed such that students can go through both English and Malayalam versions. They can write the examination in the languages – English, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada

Grading Method

The Grades awarded in the Grading Scheme are given below
Grade Grade Limit (In Percentage)
A+ 90 - 100
A 80 - 89
B+ 70 - 79
B 60 - 69
C+ 50 - 59
C 40 - 49
D+ 30 - 39
D 20 - 29
E Below 20